Cotton Embroidered Boxer Shorts - Rosemary Gray

  • ¥12,000
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Each Sombras shorts is made, one-by-one, with Japanese fabrics, carefully handwoven by the craftsmen.

Sombras shorts is made from various fabrics and can be worn all year round. It can be an underwear, or a garment to wear when going out for shopping— Enjoy wearing the piece according to how you feel, in any situation, and however you like.


For you—at anytime, anywhere, and under any circumstance.

This boxer shorts, that is somewhere in-between loungewear and underwear, is not only breathable, but made entirely out of Cotton fabric with embroidered to achieve a snug feeling on your skin; it can be worn in any situation, such as in your bedroom feeling the comfortable touch of a bed sheet with your skin, or as a daily wear worn with a top such as a T-shirt. High elasticity band on the waist. Front button closure Available in two sizes, unisex.

Size: M, L

Men’s model height is 178cm (5.8 ft), and wears a size M.

*If you normally wear size M boxer shorts, we recommend a size M for our shorts. 

However, if you prefer an oversized look, we recommend a size L. 

*Shipping/Delivery: We will start dispatching orders, to both customers in Japan and other countries, from September 30th.  If you live outside of Japan, the delivery time may differ depending on the country you live in. 
We appreciate your understanding. 
*Customs and duty fees vary depending on the country you live in.  Please note that these charges shall be borne by the purchaser. 
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